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Logging In.
When you log in to the server, you will spawn where you logged out.
This is for RP reasons as people log to avoid RP, Can easily be removed.

Clothes system
Well you go to the clothes shop, and use /clothes to pick out a new skin,
binco is a ownable business so it can be moved anywhere

Vehicle Ownership
You can own upto 3 vehicles, there are currently 120 + Vehicles, they can be found
at dealerships and at the bank car park.

Cellphone system
You have to buy a cellphone from 24/7 and you can call people, you can also use
/ucall to call from a unknown number.

Car engine
Before you can drive a car, you must start it, either with /engine or the Shift Key,
If you vehicle is 50 % damaged, you will have to call a mechanic to fix it.

Mask system
We have mask system too, once you are Level 2, you can buy a mask at 24/7. If you're wearing it, no-one can see your name. And you'll be with the unknown name too. Ex.: Stranger says: Stay cool.

Note system
Everyone has a notebook with 5 pages, you can /createnote, /givenote, /shownotes, /deletenote.

Inventory system
If you put your gun at your inventory it will be saved even you'll disconnect.

Trunk system
Every 4 wheeled car has a trunk with 4 slots for weapons and 1 slot for body armor.
Trunks are savable, so your guns will be saved even after game mode restart.

Jail Job

When you jailed , you can /jailjob so you get some easy missions to earn money.


Players can buy tickets and win some prizes . /lottery

Smoke system
To /smoke you need to buy some cigarettes and a lighter from 24/7.
You will get a cigar in your hand and can click to take a drag.

Weapon dealing system
You must run mats, then go behind unity station and /sellgun to make a gun.

Other Stuff.
This script contains
20 Businesses
210 Houses
120+ Cars
New police system
New drug system
Jail job system
Fixed more bugs
And More


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