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This The Rules

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Deathmatching means that you kill someone without a valid IC reason.
How to avoid Deathmatching: Have a good reason if you want to attack someone. Also RP with the person first or it will be KoS(explained below)
Metagaming is using the information gained OOCly to influence an IC Situation
How to avoid metagaming: Don't use "lol","rofl","lmao" or any other internet shortcuts in IC Chat. (Normal Chat). To use those; type /b [text] and write them. Also if you'd like to talk in other Languages, other than English, Feel free to talk in /b.
Powergaming is roleplaying without giving someone any chances to resist. Or RP situations/actions that are NOT possible in real life.
How to avoid Powergaming:
If you are roleplaying with someone give him/her chances to resist by using /do do I succeed doing this? Or /do Do you resist? Use this when you use a action against someone like /me slowly makes a fist of his hand and punches [player] in the stomach. Or when you tie someone up in your vehicle you also have to RP it and give him a chance to resist by using one of the /do's that I mentioned before. So, when you RP something with someone give the player a chance to resist your action.

(KoS)Kill on Sight:
Kill on Sight means that someone comes up to you and kills you without roleplaying before shooting you. [Use hotkeys if you think it's too hard, typing to shoot.]
How to avoid Killing on Sight: RP with someone before you start shooting the him/her.
(SK)Spawn Killing:
Spawn Killing means that you keep killing someone(or more players at the same time) at the location where they spawn. Like the hospitals, DoC/LSPD HQ or the VIP lounge.
How to avoid Spawn Killing: Don't attack players on one of those locations that I mentioned before. Give them atleast 60 seconds to move from the spawning location.

(RK)Revenge Killing:
Revenge Killing means that you kill someone, because he killed you first.
How to avoid Revenge Killing: You have to wait atleast 30minutes after you spawned at the hospital before attempting to RP(maybe can lead to a kill) with that player.
(CR)Chicken Running:
Chicken Running means that you run in all directions(zigzags) to avoid getting hit by shots that a player is firing to you.
(CR)Car Ramming:
Car Ramming means that you ram someone with your vehicle without a good reason.
How to avoid Car Ramming: If you ram someone with your vehicle RP it. Don't drive away like nothing happened.
(CS)Crack Shooting:
Crack Shooting is using crouch(C buttom) to cancel the animation of shooting and have a ability to shoot faster. Crack Shooting is NOT allowed to use it in shootings against players.
(QS)Quick Swapping:
Quick Swapping is swapping your weapons by using Q and W or Scroll up & down to swap your weapon to avoid reloading. Quick Swapping is NOT allowed when having a shooting against someone.

(RT) Rush Taze:
Rushtazing is when you shoot your tazer at someone who is either firing their weapon at you or aiming down their sights directly at you. You can, however, taze from behind..


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